On Thursday, March 19, 2015, we screened the documentary Crenshaw as the third spring event in the Doyle Film & Culture Series. The event was a collaboration with the Film and Media Studies Program (FMST) at Georgetown. Crenshaw, a graduate thesis project by Lena Jackson (SFS ’07), focuses on the reconstitution of Crenshaw High School in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in South LA. Jackson’s documentary follows a community’s struggle to maintain stability for students at Crenshaw High. The film uses a combination of archived videos, interviews, and GoPro footage from students after Jackson was barred from filming on the campus. After the screening, Lena Jackson led a post-film discussion that included updates on the students, teachers, and parents interviewed in the film. FMST seniors who attended the film asked about the different types of educational models that had been implemented at Crenshaw High prior to the reconstitution, including the Extended Learning Cultural Model used to restructure curriculum into units that focused on interdisciplinary approaches to neighborhood problem-solving.

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