Doyle Symposium 2011

Integrating Diversity into Higher Education Curriculum

The second annual Doyle Student-Alumni Symposium on Engaging Difference featured a panel discussion among Caleb Pitters (SFS ’97), an alumnus who works on Wall Street, and two Doyle faculty fellows, Yulia Chentsova Dutton (Psychology) and Ricardo Ortíz (English). This year’s symposium on April 1st drew over 70 students, faculty and staff who joined the panelists in a lively and engaging conversation about the role that issues of diversity play in both professional and pedagogical practice.

Pitters, a Cuban-American, reflected on his experiences at Georgetown and throughout his career. He highlighted the importance of acknowledging differences (such as differences of race, class, and religion) while at the same time establishing commonalities with others. For example, he shared a story about a mentor with whom he appeared to have nothing in common until discovering that they shared a diligent work ethic. Pitters pointed out that learning to engage with people of all backgrounds will serve students well in their professional careers in today’s increasingly diverse workplaces.

Chentsova Dutton shared her viewpoint from the field of cultural psychology, and Ortíz spoke from his perspective as an immigrant who works in the field of ethnic studies. Students and faculty in the audience asked questions about a variety of related topics, such as the role of older undergraduate students in the Georgetown community.

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