For faculty

The curricular components of the Doyle Program — the Doyle Faculty Fellows Program & the Doyle Seminars — involves supporting and challenging Georgetown faculty seeking to foster active student engagement with difference and the diversity of human experience.

Doyle Faculty Fellows Program

Doyle Faculty Fellowships are designed to support faculty in choosing one of their undergraduate introductory or lower-division courses to redesign, with a goal of enhancing or incorporating themes of difference and diversity. The fundamental goal of the Doyle Fellowships is to enable faculty to create inclusive pedagogies and diversified course content that will transform the teaching and learning experience for ourselves and our students in deep and varied ways.

Doyle Seminars

The Doyle Seminars foster deepened student learning about diversity and difference through enhanced research opportunities, interaction with thought leaders, and dialogue with the Georgetown community and beyond. Eligible courses are upper-level undergraduate seminars which address questions of national, social, cultural, religious, moral, and other forms of difference.

Doyle Diversity Grants

The Doyle diversity grants support class-related activities designed to engage students with issues of difference and diversity and gain a greater recognition of their own positionality vis-a-vis issues of plurality and social justice. The grants are intended to help faculty and students take advantage of the resources of the larger community and foster dialogue inside and outside the classroom, extending students’ understanding of course material and how it relates to the world outside of academia.