For students

The Doyle Program’s undergraduate initiatives help Georgetown students expand their understanding of issues of diversity through research and engagement both on campus and around the world.

Junior Year Abroad Network

The Junior Year Abroad Network (JYAN) connects Georgetown students studying abroad in a variety of cultures. Students share reflections on religion, politics, and society.

Undergraduate Learning & Interreligious Understanding Survey

This five-year longitudinal study aimed to track student attitudes towards religious diversity and their evolution in response to experiences at Georgetown in and outside the classroom. The project aims to help educators at Georgetown, throughout the United States, and around the world identify best practices in building tolerance.


Education & Social Justice Project

Only through better access to education will the world’s poor be able to seize opportunities in an increasingly global economy. While policy analysts have documented the widespread failure of governments to meet this imperative, we still know relatively little about successful local efforts led by religious communities to advance economic and social development through education. The project provides students with summer research fellowships to travel abroad for an in-depth examinations of innovative education initiatives.