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The Doyle Engaging Difference Program supports innovative learning experiences that equip Georgetown University students and faculty to authentically and constructively engage differences inside and outside the classroom.

The Doyle Engaging Difference Program serves the entire Georgetown University community and is designed to deepen the university’s own commitment to diversity. Now in its second decade, the Doyle Program continues to foster space for critical discussion and debate on intercultural and interreligious difference, enabling Hoyas to become engaged global citizens in an increasingly pluralistic world.

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William J. Doyle

Post-graduation you encounter the real world on a daily basis. You soon realize you have to learn to relate to people who look at the world from a completely different perspective. Consideration and empathy for their perspective is the only way you will help solve problems, which is at the core of being women and men for others.

William J. Doyle​​

John J. DeGioia

The most powerful thing about the Doyle Engaging Difference Program is the way in which we have been able to bring it right into the heart of the curriculum, into the classroom, into the study abroad experience.

President John J. DeGioia