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The Doyle Undergraduate Fellows program brings together faculty and students from across Georgetown’s campuses to foster student engagement with difference through scholarship and intercultural dialogue on campus, in the DC community, and around the world.

The program last ran in summer 2021.

For summer 2021, Doyle Undergraduate Fellows (DUFs) worked remotely to support the Religion and the Crisis of Displaced Persons project at the Berkley Center, which examines the complex ways in which religion factors into the global refugee crisis. Under the mentorship of Georgetown faculty and staff, DUFs conducted interviews and compiled research contributing to the project.

Engaged Scholarship – The Doyle Undergraduate Fellows program helps students to develop critical skills in engaged scholarship, connecting academic research with real-world issues to foster more peaceful societies. Past projects have examined issues ranging from interreligious dialogue to the global refugee crisis. 

Local Outreach – The program allows students to participate actively in community life by sponsoring projects based in and around Washington, DC. In the past, participating students have collaborated with the leaders of local nonprofits and religious organizations to work toward creating more just and sustainable communities in DC.

Cohort Community – Students in the Doyle Undergraduate Fellows program benefit from a close cohort community, providing fellows the opportunity to learn from their peers. Each cohort includes a diversity of student voices from different disciplinary and personal backgrounds.