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Doyle Undergraduate Fellows 2021 Cohort

For summer 2021, Doyle Undergraduate Fellows worked remotely to support the Religion and the Crisis of Displaced Persons project at the Berkley Center, which examines the complex ways in which religion factors into the global refugee crisis. Under the mentorship of Georgetown faculty and staff, fellows conducted interviews and compiled research for a state-of-knowledge report to be released by the center in 2021. Matthew Hamilton and Chris Kalaitzidis served as preceptors for the summer 2021 Doyle Undergraduate Fellowship program.

Madeline Hart headshot

Madeline Hart

Madeline Hart (SFS’23) was an undergraduate student majoring in international politics with a concentration in international law, institutions, and ethics. She was the 2022 Pulitzer Center international reporting fellow.
Heer’e Hassan headshot

Heer’e Hassan

Heer’e Hassan (C’22) graduated from Georgetown University in 2022 with a double major in government and sociology and a minor in public health.
John Muckler headshot

John Muckler

John Muckler (C’22) graduated Georgetown University with a major in theology and a minor in public health.
Kate Reeves headshot

Kate Reeves

Kate Reeves (SFS’23) is an undergraduate student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in culture and politics and minoring in justice and peace studies and Spanish.
Kavya Shah headshot

Kavya Shah

Kavya Shah (SFS’24) is an undergraduate student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service studying science, technology, and international affairs with a concentration in biotechnology and global health and a minor in biology.

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