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Doyle Global Dialogue 2019 Cohort

From 2006 to 2020, the Junior Year Abroad Network (JYAN), part of the Doyle Engaging Difference Program, supported 650 students in their studies abroad in 61 countries. JYAN is still active, now as the Doyle Global Dialogue (DGD). See below for the archive of JYAN student reflections on their interreligious and intercultural experiences abroad.

Rachel Angle headshot

Rachel Angle

Rachel Angle (C'20) majored in government and minored in philosophy and Jewish civilization.
Sarah Baron headshot

Sarah Baron

Sarah Baron (SFS'20) majored in regional and comparative studies with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.
Taylor Davis headshot

Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis (NHS'20) majored in health care management and policy and minored in disability studies.
Casey Doherty headshot

Casey Doherty

Casey Doherty (C'20) majored in American studies and government.
Jessica Frankovich headshot

Jessica Frankovich

Jessica Frankovich (C'20) majored in government and minored in education, inquiry, and justice.
Zeke Gutierrez headshot

Zeke Gutierrez

Zeke Gutierrez (SFS'19) graduated with a degree in international politics and a minor in Spanish.
Kaitlyn Hashem headshot

Kaitlyn Hashem

Kaitlyn Hashem (C'20) majored in government with a certificate in Arab studies.
Maya James headshot

Maya James

Maya James (C'20) graduated with a degree in government and minors in both religion, ethics, and world affairs and creative writing.
Emily Jonsson headshot

Emily Jonsson

Emily Jonsson (C'20) majored in classics and government and minored in anthropology.
Leah Kanzer headshot

Leah Kanzer

Leah Kanzer (SFS'20) majored in culture and politics.